Minggu, 23 Juni 2013

Lucky Patcher by ChelpuS v3.3.7 android apk

LuckyPatcher is a great tool to bypass Premium Applications License Verification.
Now it can Remove some selected application more applications will add soon.
To use this patcher you need a rooted device.
Added the ability to disconnect and connect permission (Permissions) for the selected application. Green shows the incorporated resolution, are shown in red disabled. After the change is automatically reloaded. It is useful to turn off the ads, for example, if you disable the INTERNET permission or you can try to disable authorization checking license CHECK_LICENSE – but it works it's not as often as desired. If you turn off

download links
lucky patcher v3.3.7 apk 

lucky patcher v3.3.7 apk 

lucky patcher v3.3.7 apk 

lucky patcher v3.3.7 apk 

lucky patcher v3.3.7 apk

androgamer 23 Jun, 2013

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Download Lucky Patcher by ChelpuS v3.3.7 android apk

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