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PRO PDF Reader v3.8 – APK App

Thank you for using! This service has been made possible by all our customers. In order to provide a sustainable, best of the breed RSS to Email experience, we've chosen to keep this as a paid subscription service. If you are satisfied with your free trial, please sign-up today. Subscriptions without a plan would soon be removed. Thank you!

PRO App allow great environment to read PDF documents on Android smartphone. If you are looking for a good PDF reader, stop here, you have found it. It does what you expect it to do. You can easily lay down and read pdf books and documents with this app.  The amazing enhancement dims your screen in some way that it doesn't hurt your eyes.  Easy to set and keep scrolling. The best functional from all readers.


  • Read mode and control mode (single tap to switch)
  • Fixate pages by width, saved on scroll
  • Search in books
  • Table of content
  • Night Mode
  • Search ALL books (PDF, DjVu) on device
  • Next Page or scroll pages by tap screen
  • Full screen mode
  • Support e-reader keys like Nook, Kindle, Sony
  • File navigation


Last Update: June 12, 2013

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