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Starship Battles v2.0 android hack for unlimited money -mod apk

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Take control of formidable warships to defend the galaxy against an infinite force of relentless aliens.
Explore space to discover and harvest valuable minerals and expand your fleet with 6 unique warships, each offering improved weaponry to take down enemies faster and survive longer.
Use simple and intuitive arcade controls to blast the enemies with barrage of missiles and powerful torpedoes.
Features next-gen graphics on your phone or tablet, with fantastic explosions, detailed spaceships, all fully rendered in 3D.
Use Minerals to purchase new Warship with improved weapons and stronger shield. Customize your preferred ship with a variety of War-Paint and go for the high score.
Commandeer your Warships and destroy original Alien Ships across 3 levels of difficulty.
● Modojo 4/5 ●
"Fun and frantic arcade strategy, with a decent selection of ships and upgrades to work towards."
● Arcade Sushi 75/100 ●
"...Starship Battles is a solid little game that will remind you of the days you spent in the arcade pumping quarters into the Missile Command machine. It is proof that some of the oldest gameplay styles still holds up today and that is always a good time..."
● 148Apps ●
"…Starship battles is a beautiful looking arcade game in which players try to fight off a constant barrage of enemies for as long as possible... "
● TopApps ●
"...Starship battles is a wonderful arcade-style shooter game with smooth gameplay and great look. ."

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Starship Battles v2.0 unlimited money apk

Starship Battles v2.0 unlimited money apk

Starship Battles v2.0 unlimited money apk

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Download Starship Battles v2.0 android hack for unlimited money -mod apk

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