Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

Zombie Highway v1.6 android apk -free download

The iOS hit Zombie Highway is now available on Android!
Zombie Highway was rebuilt from the ground up for Android. A completely redesigned UI gets you playing sooner and unlocking weapons faster! We hope you'll appreciate the effort we have made to create a first class Android experience, not just a minimum effort port.
Cars, guns, and zombies... what more could you want?

What's in this version:
- Native support for x86 devices
- Ads (any IAP turns them off)
- minor bug fixes and performance improvements

download links

Zombie Highway v1.6 apk

Zombie Highway v1.6 apk

Zombie Highway v1.6 apk

androgamer 08 Jul, 2013

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Download Zombie Highway v1.6 android apk -free download

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