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Atom Shooter android APK

Current Version :1.0
Requires Android 2.3 and up,armv7 only

Face the smallest challenge yet! In Atom Shooter, a unique and refreshing arcade shooter, your task is to shoot all the orbiting electrons and survive the following nucleus explosion. But beware: as the atomic number increases, the nucleus pull force gets stronger.
Collect shot down electrons and neutrons from the nucleus explosion to buy new weapons, engines, modules and ships! Even more stuff is coming in the updates!
Play in two game modes:
1. Classic
For each of the 118 levels / elements from the periodic table you get 3 ships to try to finish it, and unlock the next one. Your performance in 3 categories: time, collected electrons and collected neutrons is measured with bronze, silver and gold stars. You can always come back to any finished level to master it.
2. Marathon
You get 3 ships, start from Hydrogen and make your way through the elements. How far and how much points can you get?

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