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Children's Playground v1.3 android APK

Current Version : 1.3
Requires Android Varies with device,armv7 only

Children's Playground is a collection of simple yet fun and engaging mini-games in a colorful and enchanting environment. Dive in the magic of the children's playground and experience one of the five included mini-games:
- Train your memory with color pencils and inks.
- Express your creativity by drawing anything on a whiteboard.
- Unleash your power and shoot targets spread across the room.
- Practice your piloting skills while chasing up the stars.
- Exercise your dexterity by going through a tricky labyrinth.
Each game is comprised of three difficulty levels for matching your play style and desires, as well as an endless mode for uninterrupted fun.

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androgamer 15 Aug, 2013

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