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MP: Face Off v1.5 android APK (unlimited souls) android hack

Current Version :1.5
Requires Android 2.0.1 and up,armv7 only

Take control of the guys from Mayday Parade and fight your way through endless waves of faceless men – all teeming with a taste for the souls and blood of Derek, Jeremy, Alex, Jake, and Brooks. Use various weapons to tear apart the mindless droves while combing the zones for soul jars to advance in Mayday Parade's quest to exterminate the faceless from the planet.
Each band member brings something unique to the table, like the awesome ability to throw out a devastating earth spike, become an invincible slaying machine, or even stopping time in the surrounding area bringing the faceless men to their rotting knees.
Reclaim the souls of the innocent and use them to power up weapons, enhance special abilities, and improve your health. The faceless men need to be stopped so jump, slash, and shoot your way through their ranks to salvage what remains of the now desolate world.
-Defeat swarms of faceless men using various weapons including a bat, sword, pistol & shotgun!
-Non-stop hack 'n slash action mixed with platforming!
-Multiple characters with tons of unlockable content!
-Rock out to Mayday Parade while saving the planet!
-Earn GameChange every time you play to redeem for real life prizes!

download links
APK (35.7Mb)



instructions for unlimited souls (ROOT)(Titanium backup)
-install APK
-download titanium from here (download)
-extract the zip file
-copy  the contents in folder TB to sd/TitaniumBackup/
-open titanium backup app
-select MP: Face app
-restore data only
-enjoy unlimited souls

androgamer 11 Aug, 2013

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